Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Guide

Fifth Edition


Written by leading experts of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Bureau and published by the Pennsylvania Chamber, the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Guide walks UC Benefits Administrators and Human Resources Managers through each step of the unemployment compensation process, offering step-by-step instructions on how to comply with the law and how to control your costs.

The Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Guide helps keep your business compliant with the latest, completely updated information, expert tips and instructions, including answers you need on how and when benefits apply and how to handle different situations businesses face, helping you eliminate mistakes. One of the most comprehensive resources available, this is the book the UC Bureau uses to answer questions when businesses call!

  • Includes all the changes from PA's recent UC reform laws-Act 6 of 2011, Act 60 of 2012 and others, including the requirement for claimants to look for work, new eligibility guidelines, new rules for employers on relief from charges, UC Hearings by phone and more.
  • Willful misconduct-one of the biggest areas of concern and confusion for companies, the Guide explains when to apply UC benefits, if at all, in a variety of difficult situations: absenteeism and tardiness, drug and alcohol abuse, insubordination and profanity, incompetence and neglect of duty, damage to equipment, violation of business rules, dishonesty, crime and more.
  • How to control costs and save money on your UC taxes, collecting benefits, and how to avoid losing your UC appeal. Includes an extensive list of UC Bureau services for employers.
  • The latest UC forms with samples and step-by-step instructions on how to complete them, the deadlines and where to file. Includes examples of fact-finding forms and tips on surviving a UC audit. Includes complete information on locating and filing forms online.
  • Walks you through each step of the UC process with practical help and advice: how to protest an invalid claim; calculating your tax rate to avoid overpayment; determining who is ineligible; applying for relief from charges; submitting forms online; maintaining employment records; handling a refusal to accept suitable work and more.
  • More than 350 pages

Every chapter has been completely revised and updated:
Keeping Your State UC Tax Rate Low; Basics and Defining Terms; UC Taxes (Contributions)-Federal, State and Employee; Benefits; Collecting Benefits; Unemployed; Able to Work and Available to Work; Suitable Work; Voluntary Quits; Willful Misconduct; and The Appeals Process




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