Pennsylvania Workplace Safety Manual

Sixth Edition - ISBN: 978-0-9818084-5-1


A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on evaluating, setting up and managing your in-house safety program, the Pennsylvania Chamber's Workplace Safety Manual sixth edition is completely revised and updated.


The Workplace Safety Manual is an outstanding resource on general safety for all companies, providing detailed descriptions and compliance requirements for each major safety area, while reducing the amount of work and time needed to administer your company's safety program:

  • Safety Committees-superb reference on everything you need to know about administering workplace safety committees, including who should sit on the committee, meeting agenda requirements, the work plan as required by the WC Bureau, necessary training, safety awareness and incentive programs
  • Self-Inspection Checklist is an updated comprehensive list provided by OSHA (and used by OSHA inspectors) that helps identify and evaluate hazards, and includes paperwork, signage and training requirements for each critical area
  • Combines Workers' Comp and OSHA at the time of an accident-removes confusion when the laws overlap, or when you may be in compliance with one but missing something critical with the other
  • Explains mandatory training requirements
  • Safety policy statements, emergency action plans and an industrial hygiene checklist to evaluate your safety program's effectiveness
  • Reduce your Workers' Comp insurance premium by up to 5 percent each year if you have an active safety committee that follows the WC Bureau's guidelines

Entirely new sections include: Model Letter Appointing Safety Committee Member; Model Letter to Prospective Safety Committee Member; Safety Incentive Techniques to Motivate Specific Behaviors; Accident Investigation Decision/Logic Chart; Technique of Operations Review (TOR) System - includes categories of management faults; Consultation Outline - Accident Repeaters; Accident Investigation - Practical Protocol for Completing Investigations; Six Sigma Process - a management tool that measures a safety process in terms of defects or undesirable results; OSHA "Quick Takes" notes on the current Hazard Communication Program; OSHA "Quick Takes" notes on the new Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication; Standard Operating Procedures for Lockout/Tagout for Motor Vehicles; Model Statement for Prescription Medications; Standard Operating Procedures for Post Offer/Pre-Employment Protocol




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