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June 6, 2018

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PA Chamber Issues Statement on Governor’s Gender Wage Executive Order

HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry President and CEO Gene Barr issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s signing of an Executive Order that prohibits state agencies from asking job applicants to provide salary history and his calling on lawmakers to pass gender wage legislation.


 “Make no mistake, employers who intentionally discriminate on the basis of gender are violating state law and there should be no tolerance for such behavior. The PA Chamber works to educate employers on pay equity and supports current law that prohibits wage discrimination unless a wage differential is based on a lawful, legitimate reason.   Anyone familiar with operating a business knows that pay differences among employees can and do exist for many reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with gender discrimination. Equal pay law must account for that reality or we risk subjecting honest employers to frivolous and costly lawsuits; especially small businesses that may not have attorneys or HR personnel to combat unscrupulous plaintiffs’ lawyers.


“While the intention behind the governor’s action today may be positive, we caution against fundamental changes to Pennsylvania's equal pay law that disrupt the balance between fighting discrimination and ensuring fair application of the law.”


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