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Spring 2018 Catalyst

Legacy Business Advisors prepare business owners to successfully monetize their biggest asset.  As described by Bo Burlingham — the author of “Small Giants,” “The Great Game of Business” and “Finish Big” — Legacy Business Advisors “has set a standard that everyone else in the business should aspire to.  Truly, it is “best in class.’”   


Of the 12 million business owners in the United States, 70 percent of them will be sold within the next 10 years. In other words, $40 trillion of assets will be transferred over the next decade.  Even though this transfer will occur, less than 2 percent of owners actually know what their business is worth.


How can the vast majority of business owners retire within the next ten years, if they are unaware what a third party would willingly pay for their business? Moreover, if an owner has successfully planned for retirement and desires to gift the business to their children, how can they justify the basis of the gift to the Internal Revenue Service without an unbiased verification? Furthermore, if an owner puts their life’s work into a business and wants to remain active in the business well into their retirement years, how can they contentedly allow that business to be forced into liquidation once they are unable to continue handling the reins?


Regardless of the situation — whether an owner wants to maximize the sale of the business to a third party, efficiently gift the business to their children or work in the business until they are physically unable to continue — Legacy Business Advisors will help you successfully accomplish your goals through our nationally recognized process, providing business owners with the advice and support needed to develop a sound transition plan and maximize the owner’s chances of winding up happy, at peace and financially secure.


We have a comprehensive process to help owners identify their goals, timeline, business value and health of their business; evaluate and align the business and non-business assets with the owner’s objectives; design a custom roadmap; coordinate and implement the efforts of an owner’s Advisor Team; and monitor and update the plan as appropriate. 


Although this comprehensive process is the best model, Legacy Business Advisors are able to focus on particular needs that an owner may have — such as business continuity or growth of the company. The plan is flexible and completely customizable to accomplish an owner’s needs and objectives.


Visit us at or call us at 717 288-1808 to schedule a free consultation. Together, we can grow, strengthen and protect your biggest asset.

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