Minimum Wage

The PA Chamber is a leading voice against government mandated minimum wage increases. Nonpartisan studies have shown and businesses have reported that these “feel good” policies often lead to reduced employee hours, job loss and a higher cost for goods and services. Our organization supports more targeted approaches to helping low wage earners’ upward mobility in the workforce, such as implementing a state Earned Income Tax Credit and strengthening workforce development programs.

Mandated wage increases hurt businesses and low-wage earners

Despite insight from experts and myths we’ve debunked over time that show the negative impact of mandated wage hikes on employers, consumers and even the low-wage workers that proponents claim to support, some elected officials and the Wolf administration continue to ignore these facts even though the legislation does nothing to address the income and skills gaps that are causing real problems for the Commonwealth.

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ACTION ALERT! Tell us: Can Your Company afford an increase to entry level wages of up to 500 percent?

Gov. Tom Wolf and several lawmakers recently unveiled a proposal calling for one of the most extreme minimum wage increases in the country.  Their latest plan would hike PA’s minimum wage to $12 an hour in July - a 65 percent increase - and incrementally increase the minimum wage until it reaches $15.  They also call for eliminating the tipped wage, which means Pennsylvania’s restaurants have just a few months to figure out how they will increase entry level wages by over 235 percent by July and by over 500 percent in just a few years.

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Minimum Wage: Myths and Facts | PDF

Organized labor and other left-leaning organizations are once again pushing for mandatory wage increases and, as usual, the success of their campaign will depend on policymakers, the media and general public believing several well-trodden myths:

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