Henderson Brothers, Inc.

Business and Personal Insurance For – and From – Pittsburgh

Fall 2015 Catalyst

Founded in 1893 to provide insurance for sternwheelers, towboats and river construction projects, Henderson Brothers, Inc. grew steadily from its maritime roots and has been insuring Pittsburgh families and businesses for more than 120 years.

The third generation of family ownership, Tom and Dan Grealish, assumed leadership of the company in 1986. To continue to grow and differentiate Henderson Brothers in an extremely competitive and dynamic industry, the pair worked tirelessly to reinvest in the company and provide more diversified services. Under the management team’s visionary leadership, Henderson Brothers has evolved into the largest independent insurance agency in the region: a full-service insurance brokerage firm representing most major carriers, with more than 130 professionals working across all lines of coverage - including property and casualty, health and benefits, retirement plans, life and personal insurance.

Providing Businesses With Expertise, Experience and Excellence

The experts in our comprehensive Property & Casualty division are experienced in modern risks such as cyber and fiduciary liability, as well as employment practices and standard coverages. Our clients also rely on the department’s three dedicated safety engineers for help in reducing both the number and severity of workplace claims.

Henderson Brothers helps our business clients implement and manage safety committees that allow them to qualify for discounts. We can augment and support safety programs through online OSHA recording and incident determination tools, legislative compliance assistance, property valuations and employee handbook audits. Additionally, our team benchmarks insurance programs and coverages to ensure our clients maintain appropriate limits, deductibles and retentions. Our associates can predict worker’s compensation rates up to six months prior to renewal, and our 24/7 claims department is always available to support our customers when they need us most.

Our Benefits division actively helps clients implement changes in health care coverage based upon the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Our dedicated compliance officers expertly interpret the often changing regulatory and implementation landscapes. Similarly, our financial analysts project trends on how health care claims will impact future programs and costs for clients, allowing us to design sustainable programs that provide clients’ employees with quality care and access to the facilities of their choice. Consultative associates assist our clients with online open enrollment, and work to develop targeted communication deliverables specific to each company’s unique needs. Our experts conduct employee and supervisor training on areas ranging from FMLA to the ADA, and from general harassment to COBRA. Henderson Brothers’ patient advocates help to answer any coverage questions and resolve problems with claims or billing issues.

When it comes to retirement plans, Henderson Brothers Retirement Plan Services, Inc. is a regional leader, offering consulting, education and implementation. Our experts help trustees manage their fiduciary duties and competitive cost structures while advising on compliance and appropriate investment fund mixes. In addition to providing 401(k) plans for commercial enterprises, we have extensive experience and expertise in the nonprofit 403b sector.

Serving the Varying Needs of Families and Individuals

Our Personal Insurance consultants have access to a number of top-quality insurance carriers, allowing us to cater to the specific needs of families and individuals. While we help high-net-worth families manage and assess risk, we understand the needs of families on a budget who need to determine the most economical way to add a teenager to an auto policy, or transition a young adult to their own insurance program.

A Legacy of Local Leadership

At Henderson Brothers, one of our core values is to be recognized for our kindness and strong sense of service to the community. That’s why we proudly support – both financially and through active involvement in leadership – more than 100 local nonprofit organizations, including the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, the Mario Lemieux Foundation, the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and the United Way of Pittsburgh, among others.

Through our employee-sponsored HBI Cares program, Henderson Brothers staff volunteers their time for community projects such as landscaping at Auberle, playing kickball with children at the Bradley Center and running a carnival with the Verland Foundation.

The Pittsburgh region is unique and beautiful. It’s no accident that our area is regularly voted one of the country’s top places to live. We couldn’t agree more: it’s been our home for four generations and counting. And we plan to be here for years to come, helping insure Pittsburgh well into the future.