Energy Policy


Abundant, reliable and competitively priced energy production and delivery are critically important components of a healthy business economy. Lack of these systems would significantly hamper the Commonwealth's economic development efforts as well as efforts to retain existing employers.


Pennsylvania has long been an energy exporter due to our historic strengths in traditional sources such as coal, oil, nuclear and the growing natural gas industry. These forms of energy are key products of our Commonwealth, and the production of competitively priced energy helps fuel our economy and generates employment in the Commonwealth. Energy costs can be a significant portion of any business operation and in certain energy-intensive industries, energy costs account for more than 50 percent of total operating costs.


The Pennsylvania Chamber supports balanced policies that allow producers and suppliers from all energy sectors located in our Commonwealth to compete and that enable business to secure a reliable supply of energy produced and delivered on a competitively priced basis. This can be best accomplished by the following:


  • Ensuring that energy policies are competitive with other states and no more restrictive than federal law.
  • Encouraging greater use of domestic natural resources while using appropriate, reasonable, and currently achievable environmental controls based on sound and verifiable science.
  • Supporting cost-effective energy efficiency.
  • Avoiding price controls on any energy sources.
  • Allowing the marketplace to select the most appropriate energy sources and avoiding governmental actions that select, force, or subsidize particular energy sources.
  • Reducing regulatory and other governmental hurdles to the utilization of all energy sources and to the implementation of energy infrastructure while ensuring appropriate environmental protection.