Chamberpac faq

What is PAC?

PAC stands for Political Action Committee. PACs are political committees established and administered by corporations, labor unions, membership organizations or trade associations. These committees can solicit contributions from individuals associated with the connected or sponsoring organization. Pennsylvania state law prohibits corporate contributions, but PACs provide employees with an opportunity to pool their resources. There's strength in numbers!


Fast facts on ChamberPAC

ChamberPAC is the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry's bipartisan political action committee, the purpose of which is to contribute to pro-job, pro-growth candidates seeking elective office who believe in business's rights to compete on an equal basis in the world marketplace. ChamberPAC is governed by a board of directors consisting of volunteer business leaders.

  • ChamberPAC can receive individual contributions and PAC contributions. Corporate contributions are prohibited.
  • The funds raised from business leaders across Pennsylvania are pooled. They are then used as political contributions to incumbents or candidates. ChamberPAC contributes to candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly and some statewide offices that have been supportive of business issues.
  • Contributions to ChamberPAC are not deductible for state or federal tax purposes.

    How can I contribute?

    Individuals have a variety of ways to contribute:

    • Payroll deduction
    • Direct personal check or money order
    • Personal credit card account
      • Monthly
      • Biannually
      • One-time

Why contribute to ChamberPAC?

Pennsylvania business is directly impacted by laws developed by elected officials. Every year, the state legislature spends
months considering proposed legislation that could affect businesses' bottom lines. The financial support provided by
ChamberPAC helps to elect more pro-business candidates to the legislature. ChamberPAC contributes to pro-job, progrowth
candidates who believe in business's right to compete on an equal basis in the world marketplace. For a growing,
vibrant economy that leads to good jobs and strong communities, Pennsylvania businesses need a strong PAC. Moreover,
campaigns are expensive. Contributions assist candidates in their re-election efforts, keeping business-friendly legislators
in office.


Do PA Chamber dues pay for ChamberPAC?

No. By law, the PA Chamber cannot contribute for you. Business leaders must make all political contributions personally
and voluntarily. Your contribution has a ripple effect across the political spectrum; it does make us more effective.


Don't PACs just buy votes?

No single PAC can sway a legislator's vote. The majority of elected officials are ethical people who cannot be bought. In
addition, there are approximately 1,100 political committees registered in Pennsylvania and more than 4,200 PACs in the
country. PACs offer a legitimate way for business leaders to support those candidates who share Pennsylvania job creators'
concerns and perspectives, or who are at least receptive to these views.


Who contributes to ChamberPAC?

ChamberPAC receives voluntary contributions from PA Chamber employees, eligible PA Chamber members and other PACs.


How is ChamberPAC governed?

ChamberPAC is administered by a treasurer, chairman and a board of directors made up of senior level business leaders
from across the Commonwealth.


Who decides which candidates should receive ChamberPAC financial support?

Members of the ChamberPAC Board of Directors make the final decision on candidate contributions. The board considers
recommendations from PA Chamber members.

In selecting which candidates receive PAC contributions, their votes on key issues are analyzed. In 2010, ChamberPAC had
an overall success rate of 97 percent for its endorsed candidates.


What if I choose not to contribute at this time?

That is your choice. Election laws state that you cannot be coerced to participate. However, the earlier you contribute, the
earlier ChamberPAC can support business advocates. Waiting until it's too late in the campaign season increases the chances
of being out-spent by the opposition.


How will I know what happens to my contribution?

It's important to note that the contributions ChamberPAC makes are not secret! We make every effort to promote
transparency and provide a list of all endorsed candidates on the PA Chamber website. Per law, ChamberPAC contributions
are also public record.

A separate report detailing the total amount of contributions to ChamberPAC is published in the PA Chamber's statewide
magazine, "Catalyst." At any time, you may request a copy of the report by calling the PA Chamber offices.


Can I claim an income tax credit or deduction for my contribution?

No. Political contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income taxes.


What if I already give directly to candidates?

That's great—you should! But you should also give to ChamberPAC. ChamberPAC represents the unified voice of business
in Pennsylvania. The pooling of contributions from many supportive business leaders allows ChamberPAC to make one
large contribution to a candidate on behalf of job creators in Pennsylvania; in other words, it provides more "bang for the


Will you give to a political party I don't support?

ChamberPAC is a bipartisan political action committee, and the PA Chamber's membership is active in both political parties.
ChamberPAC does not support candidates just because of their party affiliation. The PAC considers the integrity and
character of the candidate; his/her leadership position and committee assignment; demonstrated interest in and support
for business issues; and the opposition he/she faces in an upcoming election.


What if I can't afford it?

Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated. Your participation in the campaign fund is more important than
the amount you give. But remember, your contribution goes to support candidates who work for an improved business
climate—job creators can't afford to stay on the sidelines.