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Many companies in Pennsylvania are having a problem.


The Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation’s 2016 Workforce Development Survey revealed that a majority of employers continue to have difficulty finding employees with adequate skills, training or education.

As a cornerstone issue of PA’s business community, the Pennsylvania Chamber is launching a major grassroots campaign to help bridge the gap between Pennsylvania employers’ current and future employment needs and the skills of today’s workforce: “Start the Conversation HERE.


In an effort to bring attention to this critical issue, the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation hosted a Workforce Summit featuring Executive Producer and TV Host Mike Rowe on May 18, 2016, at the Hershey Lodge. This event brought together business owners, C-level executives, educational professionals, community leaders, government officials and students to start a meaningful conversation about how Pennsylvania’s business community can change the message and perception of pursuing a career in the skilled trades.


Through the “Start the Conversation HERE” initiative, the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation seeks to narrow the skills gap in Pennsylvania by:

Increasing public awareness of the growing demand for workers in the skilled trades and other employment trends in the Commonwealth.

Countering misperceptions about the skill sets needed to acquire family-sustaining jobs.

Directly connecting Pennsylvania employers with students who will become prospective employees.

In 2017, the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation will be launching a workforce website and program designed to directly impact the growing need for a new generation of skilled workers to fulfill today’s employment needs and emerging trends to keep the Commonwealth’s economy growing and strong.

If your company is concerned about closing the skills gap and wants to help guide students to a future where jobs exist, Start the Conversation Here by contacting Lori Renne at 717 720-5564 or

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